Sunday Morning Services



Sunday Morning Service Times:
8 a.m., 10 a.m., and Noon 

Youth classes and childcare available for all ages.
Sign Language Interpretation at noon service.

Location: 9077 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226

Phone:  303-237-8851



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Adventures in Prosperity Series

The Heart of True Abundance

True abundance lives within each of us. At any time we can call it up to the surface and invite it to flow through us. Don’t miss our exciting new series where Edwene Gaines kicks it off!

April 30: Total Abundance - The Secret to Permanent Prosperity with Edwene Gaines
May 7: Awakening Consciousness
May 14: Inspiring Courage
May 21: Celebrating Circulation
May 28: Rediscovering Contentment

Sunday, April 23

Flying Without a Plane

Music: Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band

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Sunday, April 16

Hope for Every Heart

Music: Jennifer Burnett, Thom Lich, Anne Achenbach, Rev. Barry Ebert, Sheryl Renee,
Guest Guitarist Randy Chavez and the Mile Hi Band

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Sunday, April 9

Pressing on Purposefully

Music: Guest Artist Stephen West and the Mile Hi Band

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Sunday, April 2

Opening to Overcoming

Music: Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band

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Sunday, March 26

Honoring Our Humanness

Music: Mile Hi Choir, Anne Achenbach and the Mile Hi Band

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Sunday, March 19

The Power in the Seed

Music: Children's and Youth Choir, Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band

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Back to Basics Series

Basics Power ... for a Great Life

Join us for a powerful group of Sunday talks and inspiring music that will uplift and prepare you for a fulfilling new year.

Part 1: The Perfect Spirit in You
Part 2: The Creative Power in You
Part 3: The Healing Gifts in You
Part 4: The Boundless Life in You

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