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Bring your favorite teacup and enjoy inspirational talks by dynamic women!


Just Because I Can't Talk, Doesn't Mean I Don't Have Anything To Say

with Holly and Eileen Forlenza

Through a powerful keynote and vocal performance, Holly and Eileen will inspire you to look at life through the lens of hope and possibilities. Using supportive communication, Holly will share her wisdom and insight about life as a non-verbal woman breaking her silence to promote full acceptance, respect and systems change. Don't miss this rare opportunity to share with two amazing women dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless, promoting a message of love, kindness and strength.

Holly Forlenza, age 25, has pushed beyond the limits of intellectual disabilities to become an author, songwriter, small business owner, and to share her non-verbal message of love and perseverance. 

Eileen Forlenza is Holly’s mother and a motivational speaker, leader and performer, recognized nationally for her work on self empowerment and leadership, for over twenty years. Eileen partners with her daughter Holly to share a powerful message of perseverance and never ending love.

Sunday, October 19, 2:30- 4:30 p.m., Community Center, $12*

*Please bring your favorite tea cup and saucer.  Refreshments and tea service provided.

Space is limited; advance purchase required.
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