Prayer as a Spiritual Practice


Monday Evenings

with Rev. Carol Wilke

Course will be offered Winter 2020.

Rev. Carol Wilke

Course will be offered
Winter 2020.

Prayer as a Spiritual Practice

#201 (formerly Power of Your Word and Art & Power of Effective Prayer) with Rev. Carol Wilke

About the Course

This course will deepen students’ comprehension and appreciation of prayer as a form of spiritual practice. We’ll explore a thoughtful approach to a deeper understanding of prayer. In addition, we’ll learn about the beauty and power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and how to incorporate it into our daily lives.

Students will experience:

  • An understanding of how Spiritual Mind Treatment works to heal and manifest.
  • A broader definition of prayer and examples from various faith traditions.
  • How to feel comfortable praying for themselves and others.
  • How to identify any limiting beliefs that may be hindering prayer.
  • How to design a spiritual practice that utilizes prayer and learn how to make prayer a reality in their life.
  • Understanding how creative law and our beliefs impact prayer.




Eight-Week Course

Prerequisite: #101 Beyond Limits

This course is a Center for Spiritual Living certified course that qualifies for entering Practitioner training.

Course will be offered Winter 2020.



Required textbook
This Thing Called You
by Ernest Holmes

This book is available for purchase at our Works of Heart Store located in the Sanctuary lobby, or you can purchase it online.
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Please bring a journal (it can be an existing one).