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2021 Christmas
Candlelight Services

Sacred Night, Holy Light

Like the wise men of old, we too need to be guided by the star of life to that holy place within us where the little child we are—the Child of God—is cradled in the arms of infinite love and wisdom. –Ernest Holmes

May the light of the Sacred surround and inspire us all this Christmas. Our Christmas Candlelight Service is an opportunity to anchor ourselves in the meaning of Christmas with beautiful music, holy readings, and a candlelight ritual to remind us of our unity and what is most important.

The Mile Hi ministers, including minister emeritus Dr. Roger Teel, the Mile Hi Choir, and Music Ministry, featuring special guest artists Charles Holt and Acoustic Eidolon, all welcome you to celebrate this Sacred night filled with Holy light.

Service Times

Thurs., Dec. 23,
In-Person, Teel Sanctuary
1, 4*, & 7 p.m. MST
7 p.m. Livestream

Fri., Dec. 24,
In-Person, Teel Sanctuary
1*, 4, & 7 p.m. MST
 7 p.m. Livestream

*Sign language interpretation is available in the Teel Sanctuary.

Childcare for infants & toddlers is available at all services.


Dr. Michelle Medrano - Lead Minister

Michelle Medrano
Lead Minister

Rev. Josh Reeves - Lead Minister

Josh Reeves
Lead Minister

Dr. Roger Teel

Roger Teel
Minister Emeritus

Dr. Patty Luckenback

Patty Luckenbach
Associate Minister

Dr. Barry Ebert

Barry Ebert
Associate Minister, Soloist


Carol Wilke
Associate Minister

Rev. Simon Shadolight

Simon Shadowlight
Associate Minister



Charles Holt


Acoustic Eidolon


Mile Hi Choir

Musician - Gianna Neathammer

Gianna Neathammer

Musician - Jennifer Burnett

Jennifer Burnett

Musician - Thom Lich

Thom Lich


Livestream at 7 p.m. on Both Nights.
Watch the service below.

Candlelight Program: Click here.

Candle Meanings and Affirmations

Each colored candle we light during our service has a unique meaning.

Christ Candle

Symbolizes God in everyone.

Red Candle:

My heart is awakened to the Light of guidance shining brightly in me and as me.

Orange Candle:

The Christ Presence within guides and shows me the way every day.

Yellow Candle:

The wonder of life is the fountain of youth and I am bathed in it now.

Green Candle:

Hope wells up from the depth of who I am and pours out of me into this world.

Blue Candle:

I am renewed in the Truth of who I am.

Indigo Candle:

My faith in life empowers me to accept and embrace all that is.

Violet Candle:

The peace of Christmas is alive in me now on this Holy night, and always.


Christmas Candle Kit

Order a candle kit to follow along with the service.



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Prayer & Care

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Prayer Request

Thank you for submitting a prayer request.

We have forwarded your prayer request to one of our Practitioner Prayer Partners who will be praying on your request for the next seven days. 

Please know you are wrapped in the arms of the Divine now and forever more.