Self Mastery


Friday Mornings

with Dr. Barry Ebert

Course will be offered Winter 2020.

Dr. Barry Ebert

Course will be offered
Winter 2020.

Self Mastery

#301 (formerly Emergence of Your True Self) with Dr. Barry Ebert

About the Course

This course will focus on healing the perceived separation between personality and spirit. Students will explore the creative nature of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions as well as deepen their integration of love, trust, forgiveness and connection to spirit. They will progressively learn to live in freedom as their true self: principle-centered, love-centered, God-centered – a master in the art of living in wholeness and joy!

Students will:

  • Explore habits and behaviors that no longer serve their growth.
  • Create new empowering thoughts and affirmations in all areas of desired improvement.
  • Dedicate to daily spiritual practice and engagement with empowering practices in all areas of desired spiritual growth.


Eight-Week Course

Prerequisite: #101 Beyond Limits

This course is a Center for Spiritual Living certified course that qualifies for entering Practitioner training.

Course will be offered Winter 2020.


Required textbook
The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is available for purchase at our Works of Heart Store located in the Sanctuary lobby, or you can purchase it online.
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