It's All God

Monday evenings

with Dr. Michelle Medrano

Course will be offered
Fall 2019.

Dr. Michelle Medrano

Course will be offered
Fall 2019.

It's All God

#704 with Dr. Michelle Medrano

About the Course

We say, “It’s all God” a lot in our teaching! Yet, many of us certainly see conditions and people who do not appear to be all that “Godly”! In this eight-week course, our textbook, It’s All God by Walter Starcke, and our teacher, Dr. Michelle Medrano, will guide us into a rich and deep exploration of how IT really is all God and how to live in and from this awareness more often. This will lead us into an exploration of the nature of reality, and divinity, and help us to deepen into the presence, faith, and the security that comes from oneness more profoundly.

This special class will be a “hybrid” format with both an in-person option as well as an online webinar option. If you are in town and can be physically present for class, click on the upper “Register Here” button. If you are out of state or cannot be physically present, click on the lower “Register Here” option that is labeled Online Class.


Prerequisite: #101 Beyond Limits

This course is a Center for Spiritual Living certified course that qualifies for entering Practitioner training.

Course will be offered Fall 2019.


Required text book
It's All God
by Walter H. Starke

This book is available in our Works of Heart Store