New Year Intention Setting Workshop

Brand New Life
with Rev. Josh Reeves


Rev. Josh Reeves

Wed., Jan. 1
10 – 11:30 a.m.
Vogt Auditorium
Love offering


New Year Intention Setting Workshop

Brand New Life with Rev. Josh Reeves

About the Workshop

The new year always brings the opportunity to declare a new way of being and living. In fact, that might be one of the best ways to describe the great Spirit—Brand New. Creative energy is available to each of us, ready with clarity for our intentions and the opening of our hearts to help us perform miracles!

Rev. Josh leads this workshop filled with wisdom, visioning and goal casting to create a great foundation for the new year.

Following this workshop, practitioners will lead a variety of secondary workshops to help you focus on your goals, learn valuable spiritual practices and help fill up your life's tool kit for 2020.


Wed., Jan. 1, 10 – 11:30 a.m., Vogt Auditorium, Love offering

Practitioner-Led Workshops

11:30 a.m. and 12:45* p.m., Love offering

*Each workshop will be conducted twice.

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Choose from four practitioner-led workshops:

Brand New Plan
with Steve and Laura Drury

Take your intentions from Rev. Josh’s workshop and make them real. Identify your motivation and learn how to use it to get results. Create an implementable plan to live your intention in a way that works for you along with support to get back on track when needed.


Change Awakens Truth
with Lauren Martin and Christine Heintz

This workshop will teach you the process of creating meaningful, effective, personalized affirmations that will help you overcome your limiting beliefs. You will take away a physical tool to anchor the process and continue growth.


Journaling as a Spiritual Practice
with Carolyn Varvel

Through journaling, you’ll discover the story you tell yourself about your life. Write a new and improved story to create a better personal history. Learn to identify your thoughts and feelings to start changing your life and feel empowered.


Now and Here
with Deanne Drda and Sunny Yvonne Sidebottom

This workshop brings you the opportunity to engage all your senses through somatic exercise to feel an embodied connection with the present moment. You will also create a visual symbol based on your fresh insights that perfectly represents you.