Science of Mind and Spirit Classes

Learn how to live the life you desire with Science of Mind and Spirit classes. These classes will teach you how to use powerful techniques for living a full life while offering an opportunity to become aware of your spiritual identity and understand your place in the universe.

Start with Class 101: Beyond Limits, where you will learn the three basic principles of our teachings. Continue your journey with various classes, workshops and retreats on meditation, mastering the mind, body, spirit connection, practical mysticism, seven spiritual laws of success and much more.

We also offer a pathway to becoming a licensed practitioner and a Science of the Mind and Spirit minister.

If you need guidance in your spiritual studies, please reach out to:

Lisa Berquist, Registrar

Online Classes & Workshops


Navigating Pandemic Grief

with Dr. Patty Luckenbach
Mon., May 11, 18, & 25


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Rising Stronger

with Dr. Michelle Medrano
Tues., May 12, 19, & 26


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Pillars of New Thought

with Rev. Simon Shadowlight Thurs., May 21 – July 9

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New Eyes on the Bible

with Dr. Barry Ebert
Fri., June 5 – July 17


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Beyond Limits Online

with Dr. Michelle Medrano & Rev. Josh Reeves
Thurs., April 2 June 5 – July 17 May 21


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