Wisdom Healing Qigong

for Optimal Health & Happiness
with Qigong Master Mingtong Gu
Sound Healing:
Purchase Qigong Movement:
Master Mingtong Gu

Sound Healing:
7 – 9 p.m., Aug. 10
Vogt Center
$30 (plus service fee)


Qigong Movement:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Aug. 11
Community Center
$99 (Plus service fee. Tickets are limited due to space.)


Please note all sales are final.
No refunds or exchanges.

Wisdom Healing Qigong

for Optimal Health & Happiness with Qigong Master Mingtong Gu

About the Event

Qigong is easy to learn and a joy to practice. Once learned, it is available to you for a lifetime. It connects your mind, body and heart and combines gentle movement, sound healing, visualization and meditation. Those who practice Qigong claim they feel more vitality, joy and purpose.

Master Mingtong Gu will guide you on an experiential path that unites consciousness and energy—a union he calls energy wisdom.

In this workshop, you will learn and experience:

  • Simple and effective tools to increase your life energy
  • Relief and healing from pain, stress, disease, and trauma
  • Realize greater emotional balance
  • The empowerment of your own inner healer and how to direct energy where it is most needed for yourself and others
  • Embodied practices to realize enhanced mindfulness and a greater connection with source energy

Mingtong is full of vitality, wisdom, and skill. He is a real healer, and the practices he teaches can change your life.

Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., best selling author, Buddhist practitioner, Cofounder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

All ages and health conditions are welcome. No prior experience required.



Sound Healing: 7 – 9 p.m., Aug. 10, Vogt Center, $30 (Plus service fee.)
Vibrational sounds have the power to heal through profound Sound Healing technologies. In Wisdom Healing Qigong, the belief is that emotions are stored in the organs. By activating the organ’s energy through sound and vibrations, challenging emotions can shift into positive states of harmony and oneness. Sound healing heals the entire being. There is a sound and vibration for healing at all levels and is very effective in healing trauma, addictions and many emotional challenges.

Qigong Movement: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Aug. 11, Community Center, $99 (Plus service fee. Tickets are limited due to space.)
Create more energy for your life! Discover vitality through mindful Qigong movement and meditation regardless of your age and health challenges. The gentle movements increase energy flow and remove any blockages and stagnant energy. Connect to the unified chi field of healing and access source energy to heal yourself and others. These teachings offer an energetic method of meditating that can deepen your meditation practice.

Please note all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

About Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu joyfully and skillfully translates the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for modern times. He founded The Chi Center, a beautiful 79-acre healing resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through his engaging in-person appearances and progressive online courses, he shares Qigong wisdom to benefit others around the world. Visit The Chi Center to learn more about Master Mingtong Gu.

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