The Art–the Urgency–of Stillness

In a World of Distraction – Be Still!
with Pico Iyer
Pico Iyer

Spring 2018

The Art—the Urgency—of Stillness

In a World of Distraction – Be Still! with Pico Iyer

About the Lecture

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We are pausing on Pico’s July appearance and have therefore stopped ticket sales. Pico will be joining us in the spring of next year and we’ll be sure to let you know the specific date once it has been finalized. If you have any questions, please reach out to Karen Thomas at kthomas@milehichurch.org.

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In a madly accelerating world, our lives are crowded, chaotic and noisy. There has never been a greater need to slow down, tune out and give ourselves permission to be still.

Former Time Magazine travel writer, Pico Iyer, gave up the high-rise New York City office to spend his time learning about stillness. Pico is now a TED Talk phenom, spreading the news about how to bring calm and peace into your life.

His talk is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands of our world.

You will learn:

  • How to take back a few minutes of every day
  • How to find richness in stillness
  • About growing trends like observing an "Internet Sabbath"

Based on his book, The Art of Stillness, Pico investigates the lives of people who have made a life seeking stillness. Ultimately, he shows that in this age of constant movement and connectedness, staying in one place is a more exciting prospect and a greater necessity than ever before.


About Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer has written two novels and nine works of non-fiction, among them The Lady and the Monk, The Global Soul, The Open Road, and The Art of Stillness. His work has appeared eight times in The Best Spiritual Writing anthology, and he is a regular contributor to the Buddhist magazines Tricycle and Lion’s Roar, and the Catholic magazine Portland, as well as to The New York Times, Harper’s, The New York Review of Books and many others. In the past four years, he’s done program-length interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Krista Tippett, Larry King and others. He's also given three talks for TED, which have had more than six million views.