We are delighted to support you with a heartfelt baptism ceremony!

Special services are available to acknowledge and bless the spiritual essence of babies, children and adults. We have ministers, beautiful facilities and skilled support staff available to make each baptism a memorable and meaningful celebration of spirit.

Here at Mile Hi Church, baptisms are thought of as a blessing that honors the divinity in the child or person being baptized. During the ceremony, a flower is dipped in water and touched to the top of the head of the person being baptized, while the minister performing the baptism offers a prayer. Church membership is not a requirement and all ages are welcome.

All of our Mile Hi ministers perform baptisms, which typically take place on Sunday afternoons after the 12 p.m. service in the lovely Vogt Chapel. Family and friends are welcome and a customized baptism certificate is provided at the end of the ceremony.

For more information and to schedule a memorable and meaningful celebration of spirit, please contact our baptism coordinator by filling out the online form below or call 303-237-8851.

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