A Mile Hi Church Circle of Love is a small (approximately 8 to 10 members), intimate group that meets monthly in someone’s home. There is a suggested but not set curriculum, and the Circle aligns to the needs of each participant. Each home group has a Leader who provides guidance and facilitation at the meetings.

The vision of Mile Hi Church’s Circles of Love is that the circles nurture connection and care within a spiritual circle.

The Circle is dedicated to recognizing, honoring, and celebrating Spirit, God, and the Love Intelligence within all life. We awaken through the practice of prayer, meditation, discussion, and revelation of our spiritual truth that we are One. Together we strive to embody this, not only as a theory, but as a way of being in our community and in our everyday lives.

Circles are created by ‘affinity,’ or based on common interests or a sense of belonging, instead of locations.

The Intention of the Circles of Love includes:
  • Sharing authentic, meaningful conversation
  • Creation of a deep connection to each other
  • Consistent, active participation in the Circle
  • Active ministry to each other and service to the larger community
  • Deepening spiritual practice
  • Learning from each other and study of Science of Mind / Ancient Wisdom teachings
  • Joy and laughter.

You are invited to join a Circle of Love. Groups are generally 8 to 10 members. To accommodate as many people as possible, please choose one Circle. For information about the available Circles, the meeting dates, and times and locations, please "Click Below".

To cancel a registration for a circle, please contact Circles of Love at col@milehichurch.org.

Click here for “Frequently Asked Questions”.


Circles of Love