Mile Hi Interfaith

Interfaith Team

Mile Hi Interfaith has over 350 members and is focused on these three areas:

The Peace Crane Project: Our recognition of peace in our times. Origami cranes are created for sharing spiritual healing energy with communities and congregants.

Education: Education is actively involved in learning about other faith traditions, visits to other communities and managing the education tables in the Sanctuary lobby before and after each interfaith service or event.

Events: Work with Mile Hi Interfaith to bring educational and experiential opportunities to Mile Hi Church. Volunteer in one of many capacities during events to support our congregation and serve as ambassadors to welcome guests from other communities. Practitioners are invited to represent the practitioner core during Mile Hi interfaith services and events.


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Mile Hi Church believes that people of all faiths and cultures can learn from each other and, as we do so, the possibility of peace in our world expands. We provide many opportunities to break down barriers, learn from one another and form lasting friendships.

Rev. Simon Shadowlight

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Past Events

Past events include Sufism, Celtic, Gospel, Sikhism, Jewish Mysticism, inclusive Christianity, Islam, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Native American Spirituality.

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