Interfaith/Multicultural (I AM) Ministry Past Events

The Beauty of Islam

This was an extraordinary evening celebrating the beauty of Islam. With dynamic speakers, soulful scholars, heart opening poetry and spoken word, together we explored and learned the wisdom, grace and compassion of the Muslim faith.

Buddhism - The Breath of Peace

Hosted by the Interfaith/Multicultural (I AM) Ministry at Mile Hi Church, a Center for Spiritual Living, watch and learn from some of the world’s finest Buddhist luminaries and dive into the peace, wisdom and healing power of Buddhism.

Inclusive Christianity: A Path to Healing

Hosted by the Interfaith/Multicultural (I AM) Ministry at Mile Hi Church, a Center for Spiritual Living, watch the amazing music and a life-changing conversation about the true meaning of Christianity. The brilliant Bishop Yvette Flunder shared the power and importance of building a community of radical inclusion with special musical guest, the Denver Gay Men's Chorus.

An Evening of Jewish Mysticism: Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

Mile Hi Church and our Interfaith/Multicultural friends from around the globe held a special evening of Jewish mysticism with expert Kabbalists, ancient yet practical tools and soul-stirring music. Together we experienced the beauty of the ancient Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses universal principles that apply to people of all faiths and religions. We will learned about this timeless wisdom, the profound meaning of the Tree of Life and how these teachings are deeply relevant and timely in our world today.

An Interfaith Family Reunion. An Evening of Music, Prayer and Peace for Our Country.

Join us as we gather as an Interfaith community with our friends from the Sufi, Celtic, Christian, American Indian, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish communities for a service of prayer and music two days before the general election.

Sikhism: Faith, Food and Fun

The Colorado Sikh Community is came to Mile Hi Church and shared an authentic service and Langar. We were so honored to be chosen as the very first location in North America where all aspects of the Sikh service were conducted within church walls (instead of at a Gurdwara – the Sikh house of worship). On any given day, an estimated 6.5 million free community meals are served by Sikhs around the world as a Spiritual practice of selfless feeding and caring for others. We served until all were fed and full.

A Celebration of Gospel Music

It was a night of uplifting and soul stirring music as we learn why Gospel is the sound of Spirit. Mile Hi Church celebrated the tradition of Gospel music with the phenomenal and world-renowned gospel choir director, Dr. Markanthony Henry.

Celtic Spirituality — A Night of Discovery, Connection and Celebration

Experience the sacred, timeless and rich delights of Celtic Spirituality through insight, music and inspiration.

Sufism: A Path of Heart

Friends from the Interfaith and Sufi communities came together for an enchanting evening of insight, poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, music and dance of the Whirling Dervishes.