Financial Wellness is expressing in, through, and as us now.


We embrace opportunities to grow together in community in our experience and expression of financial integrity.


Dr. Michelle Medrano

Financial Wellness Ministry

Abundance and Prosperity are available to all of us. However, we have to be open and feel worthy of abundance. Dr. Michelle Medrano leads us to our abundance with lively discussions, mindful meditation and celebration of plenitude.

“Financial Wellness has always been a passion of mine,” Dr. Michelle explained. “I believe this ministry is like a three-legged stool...

  • Plan for financial future
  • Plan for financial health (credit and budgeting)
  • Plan for financial consciousness
“Over the upcoming months, we will share the expansion of our Financial Wellness together!”

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Thank you to all of you and your willingness to step forward and embrace your Prosperity!

Dr. Michelle Medrano

Past Consciousness Study Meetings

Spiritual Economics
This straightforward, nontheological approach to prosperity has been effective for thousands. Learn how to work with the flow of life, reverse financial adversity, and attract wealth in every area of your life in Eric Buterworth's, Spiritual Economics.

Think and Grow Rich

In this Financial Wellness Ministry Consciousness Study Program we explored the number one inspirational and motivational book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.