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Our ministry provides rich spiritual, educational and social opportunities for a global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Friends community in the spirit of unconditional love, oneness and joy.


Rev. Carol Wilke
Assistant Minister
LGBTQ+ Ministry

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Rev. Carol Wilke

Assistant Minister

Rev. Carol Wilke is a life changing transformational speaker, teacher, retreat facilitator and recovery coach. She is passionate about bringing hope and joy into the lives of all those she works with and supports in recovery.

With more than a decade of celebrated sobriety, Carol credits an important part of her recovery to the AA program. She holds two Masters Degrees; one in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute and the other in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. She is the Founder and Senior Minister for Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery – a Center For Spiritual Living Focus Ministry.

Carol incorporates humor and lessons from her international travels, AA background and her own recovery journey to create heart-centered messages that are inclusive, instructive and inspirational. With her unique expertise as CEO of a conference planning company, she has the ability to create life-changing classes, retreats, workshops, symposia and large-scale conferences with deep transformational learning.

She has served on numerous national boards, and is a sought out advisor in New Thought church leadership and community growth.

Carol’s passionate message is one of empowering individuals to discover their authentic selves and intrinsic value as unique expressions of God. Her spiritual counseling, recovery ministry and experiential learning retreats and lectures incorporate spiritual practices and principles, sacred wisdom teachings, universal laws and powerful life skills to step into the next level of recovery.

Her Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery Retreats offer experiential, life changing opportunities for expansion and growth, in a safe, nurturing environment.

Carol has a unique ability to create a sacred space for deep authentic exploration and personal transformation with real world drug and alcohol recovery issues. She has lived through the depths and bottom of alcohol addiction, and has dedicated her life to providing a path to an unshakable foundation in the next level of recovery.

To meet Carol is to know that she embodies hope, strength and compassion.

Education; Spirituality in Recovery Ministry; LGBTQ+ Ministry

LGBTQ+ Ministry


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We are a vibrant and welcoming community hosting relevant programs, events and speakers. We host national and local speakers, sponsor an annual Healing Hearts Service and are the largest church presence in Denver PrideFest.

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