Nuestra comunidad latina  se conecta entre sí y experimenta nuestra enseñanza en español.


Our Latino community connects with one another and experiences our teaching in Spanish.

Dr. Michelle Medrano
Senior Associate Minister
La Voz Latina en Mile Hi
Financial Wellness Ministry
Women's Ministry

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Dr. Michelle Medrano

Senior Associate Minister

Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano found Religious Science at age 15. Upon walking into Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Denver, Colorado, she knew she was "home." As a teenager, Michelle started volunteering at the church and eventually joined as administrative staff where she worked for six years. She continued her studies, became a practioner and in 1991, after receiving her degree from Ernest Homes College, became a minister.

Michelle became an assistant minister at Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science. She served there for four years in many capacities. Then Michelle joined New Vision Center for Spiritual Living as its senior minister in 1995.

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living grew and evolved from a smaller community that set up every Sunday for services, to a larger community that purchased its own building and became a hub of activity and inspiration under her leadership.

Her vigorous involvement in her local community is matched by her work on the international committees of her denomination. She has served in many capacities of leadership in the New Thought Movement.

In 2013, Dr. Michelle was invited to return to Mile Hi Church as an associate minister. While it was difficult to leave the wonderful community she had built in Arizona, she knew that this was the right move. She serves as the leader of Ministries and Programs at Mile Hi.

In the congregation she serves and in the many churches and organizations she visits each year, Dr. Michelle is known as an inspiring teacher and leader who deeply touches her audiences with humor and profound insights.

Ministries and Program Leader, Financial Wellness Ministry, La Voz Latina en Mile Hi, Women's Ministry


La Voz Latina en Mile Hi

Los miembros de este ministerio se encuentran en el centro de bienvenida después de cada servicio. Además, estamos proporcionando servicios de interpretación en el servicio de mediodía los domingos. Otras reuniones y apoyo están evolucionando. 

La Voz Latina en Mile Hi
Servicios interpretados en español.
Domingos, el servicio de la Díez de la mañana

Marque: 857-232-0476, ingrese código #878860
Llame durante el servicio utilizando audífonos para escuchar en su celular o llame de cualquier línea telefónica fuera del sitio.
Mande preguntas, comentarios y aportaciones de acoplamiento a: LaVozLatina@milehichurch.org

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You will find members of this ministry in the Welcome Center Sunday mornings after each service. Additionally, we are providing interpretation services of the noon service on Sundays. Other gatherings and support are evolving. 

La Voz Latina en Mile Hi
Interpretation Services
Sunday, 10 a.m. service
Call 857-232-0476, enter code #878860
Call while in the service utilizing earbuds to listen on your cell phone, or call from any phone line off site.

Send questions, comments or feedback to: LaVozLatina@milehichurch.org

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