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June 23, 2020

As we witness another moment of evolution in striving towards freedom for Black citizens at Mile Hi Church, in our communities, country, and all around the world, it is of great importance that we do everything we can as a spiritual community to express our solidarity and shared heart with everyone seeking greater equality and justice.

As a spiritual community grounded in principles of oneness and inclusivity, we honor the Sacredness and preciousness of every Black child and adult. We hold a vision and feel the Sacred responsibility to own our part in ensuring that every child of color can grow up in communities that provide equal justice and supportive environments that celebrate their uniqueness and diversity. We also embrace and uplift our Black LGBTQ+ members as they strive to be respected in all aspects of their lives.

Mile Hi Church is predominantly a White community, and because of this fact, it further adds to our Sacred responsibility to listen, stay present and committed to doing our own work on these important issues. Mile Hi Church’s leaders are committed to self-exploration as a community and as individuals to work towards becoming a more inclusive and diverse community.

We understand there are many opinions on how to bring about evolved systems of equity and justice in civic and secular life. Without a doubt, our principles wholeheartedly stand in support of every respectful argument to be had, with the intention of creating greater equity for all.

The events of the last month have renewed our own sense of urgency to do the following this year:

  • Leadership and staff are undergoing increased training on diversity and inclusion.
  • Receive consultation on looking at our own inherent, implicit, and explicit biases towards all individuals who may show up in our community.
  • Establish procedures in planning our programs and curriculum that are inclusive of diverse individuals and voices.
  • Increase diversity among staff, leadership, speakers, and performers of color.
  • Increase diverse membership at Mile Hi Church that reflects the demographics of the greater Denver area.
  • Perform more outreach to form strong partnerships with organizations in the community aligned with our principles that serve people of color.


We are sorry to any person of color who at any time has experienced a sense of dishonoring or insensitivity at Mile Hi Church, whether it was by an individual’s actions or a lack of representation in our leadership and programming. We are committed to listening to anyone in our congregation who wants to share their experiences with us, whether it’s at Mile Hi Church or in general, so that we can become wiser, more responsive, and more awake.

If you are feeling called to share with us, please email me, Josh, at jreeves@milehichurch.org, or if you feel more comfortable sharing anonymously, you may do so here. Feel free to share this letter with anyone you think might want to share their experiences with us as well.

Thank you for doing your own inner work and for being a part of our vision to see oneness revealed as a world of love, peace, and abundance for all; and our mission to be a spiritual beacon for personal empowerment and global enlightenment.

As each one of us continues to do this most important work, we bless ourselves and those around us.

With Love,

Josh Reeves,
Lead Minister

Michelle Medrano,
Lead Minister


Non-Violence and Human Dignity for All

Our deep belief in the oneness of all life and in the Divine living Spirit being imbued in all, leads us to the stand that all people, all faiths, all races, all ethnic and cultural identities, all nationalities, all genders, all sexual orientations, and all those who are experiencing homelessness and poverty deserve to live safely, securely, and with the freedom to express that which is unique and natural to them. We boldly and lovingly stand for non-discrimination, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, the rights of people of color, and the rights of those who are most vulnerable among us. We are committed to doing our own internal work of dismantling unconscious biases. We practice inclusion within our operations.

We are dedicated to bringing dignity to all people by taking action, attending rallies and participating in projects and initiatives that seek to bring more love, consciousness, and human dignity to those who are most affected by the hate, bigotry, and poverty in the world. We stand for love. We stand for peace. We stand for human dignity for all.