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Adventure in Faith 2021

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Five-Week Sunday Series
with Josh Reeves and Michelle Medrano
Oct. 3 – Oct. 31

Five Gates to Living Now

There was probably a time for each of us during the current pandemic when we paused and said something like, “There will be no getting back to normal.”

This may have been disappointing. Most likely, there may have been a spark of hopefulness or a feeling of creative possibility. As many challenges and as much tragedy as the pandemic has caused, for many, it has also offered the opportunity to deepen and step more courageously into change.

What is the goal? I think personally it is to learn to live in the now, but not just in a mindful, present way but fully understanding what it means to be alive in today’s world, as well as what it means to fully embody the gifts of the present time.

Through studying and exploring the five gates to living now, we embark on a faith adventure, renewing our sense that this thing called life is for us and not against us, and the awareness and love we cultivate today, is the true catalyst in what demonstrates as our tomorrows.

8 & 10 a.m. In-Person

10 a.m. Livestream
American Sign Language Interpretation at the 10 a.m. service in-person


Sun., Oct. 3

Week One: Resonance
Leaving Normal Behind

with Josh Reeves

The first gate to living now is resonance.

There is no greater single creative opportunity than the present. Ernest Holmes defined life as Infinite energy coupled with limitless creative imagination. Yet, to realize this truth in our daily lives, we must realize it again and again through cultivating a resonance that consciously connects us with Life around and within us.

Music: Featuring guest artist, Martin Kerr, Thom Lich, and the Mile Hi Band



Sun., Oct. 10

Week Two: Relationship
Love Forward

with Josh Reeves

The second gate to living now is relationship.

Nothing can bring you closer to the present and the possibilities within it than honest, open, and genuine human relationships. And yet, relationships, when not nurtured, grow stagnant and can hold us back instead of moving us forward. This present moment calls us to courageously pass through the gates of more profound relationships.

Music: Featuring the Mile Hi Choir, Thom Lich, and the Mile Hi Band



Sun., Oct. 17

Week Three: Relevance
You are More than What Bombards You

with Michelle Medrano

The third gate to living now is relevance.

Dressing up the present to look like the past might make it look familiar, but don’t be fooled. This moment has never been before. Thus, it is so important to discover what the needs are in the moment. What, in your world, is calling for attention, for healing, and for deeper love? We must cross through the gate of relevance to fully realize our time is now.

Music: Featuring guest artist Laura Berman, Thom Lich, and the Mile Hi Band



Sun., Oct. 24

Week Four: Realness
Making Real Connections

with Michelle Medrano

The fourth gate to living now is realness.

Like that television show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, many of us in today’s world are asking, “Whose reality is it anyway?” How did so many of us get so far apart? Crossing through the gate of realness into now isn’t about making up your own reality, it’s about being willing to courageously be present with humility, honesty, and discernment, to listen deeply to our lives for what the truth really is.

Music: Featuring Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Oct. 31

Week five: Rebirth
Making Way for New Life

with Josh Reeves

The fifth gate to living now is rebirth.

What is birth? In my experience, it is grace coming through in spite of chaos all around it. When we fully pass through the thresholds of consciousness that living now demands, we release any chaos that once seemed to bind us back and find ourselves held by a newfound grace ready to unfold us.

Music: Featuring Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band

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