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Adventure in Faith 2022

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Reconnect with community, focus on the positive, and have meaningful dialogue in a supportive environment.

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Five-Week Sunday Series
with Josh Reeves and Michelle Medrano
Oct. 2 – 30

Leading With Light

Living From Your Inner Constellation of Truth

What does it mean to lead with light? Leading with light means leading with the best of who you are in all that you do. It’s a spiritual practice of choosing your best in each moment.
In times when things seem to be breaking down around us, the resilience to rely on the powers within us becomes more important. These powers are our inner constellation of truth, and this Adventure in Faith is all about identifying them, practicing them, and trusting these powers to create meaningful results.
This series is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to live fuller lives by leaning on intentional and authentic practices instead of superficial means. Understanding spiritual concepts intellectually is one thing. Embodying them in our practice, in our bodies, and in our interactions is another thing. Let’s lead with light together.

8 & 10 a.m. In-Person
10 a.m. Livestream

American Sign Language Interpretation is available in-person at our 10 a.m. service.


Sun., Oct. 2

Trusting Your Voice

with Josh Reeves

An important part of leading with light is speaking your truth. This means not only cultivating your connection with your inner constellation but also learning to have faith in your own voice. In each moment, you either know what to say or are powerful enough to admit that you don’t know what to say. Yet, you can powerfully speak from what resonates within you.

Music: Featuring the Mile Hi Choir, Thom Lich, and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Oct. 9

Being Who You Are Meant To Be

with Josh Reeves

The idea of being who you are meant to be may at first inspire a feeling of destiny, yet, what it really means is what happens when we live in harmony with our inner constellation of truth. There is so much in life that can seem to inspire us to be “unnatural” instead of who we really are. Being who we are meant to be is simply knocking off being anything but.

Music: Featuring Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Oct. 16

Oneness as Uniqueness

with Michelle Medrano

We are all one. None of us are the same. This Divine contradiction, on one hand, is the activity of a primordial principle. On the other hand, the Infinite can only express itself as unique. As an expression of the Infinite, are you willing to embody your total uniqueness, in honor of the One?

Music: Featuring Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Oct. 23

A Diversity of Stars

with Michelle Medrano

We all share the same space, but what makes up your constellation of inner light may be different from mine. Regardless, we shine! Like stars in the sky, we don’t need another star to dim its light to shine our own. Nor do we need to hide our light in order for others to reach their potential. There is enough room for all of us and the best way to help other stars is to shine.

Music: Featuring guest artist, Denise Rosier, and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Oct. 30

Seeing in the Dark

with Josh Reeves

The stars are always out but the glare of our everyday world obscures our sight to see them. Still, true vision isn’t just sight. It’s the deep knowing and remembering that the stars are still there. Your inner constellation of truth is always right there to help you make the connection and lead with light.

Music: Featuring Lauren Shealy and the Mile Hi Band

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Reconnect with community, focus on the positive, and have meaningful dialogue in a supportive environment.

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