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Evolved Communication Initiative

What is the Initiative?

Our Intention:
To improve communication on all levels—with God, ourselves, partners, family, friends, and all people in general—including those we don’t see eye to eye with.

Throughout this year, we are offering classes and events that focus on evolved communication. Review and identify the statements below that resonate the most for you. Check out our upcoming programs that are designed to help you realize your intentions.


I want to listen more intently and compassionately to myself.

I want to feel I am emotionally available to support other people.


I want to talk about the major issues facing our country beyond partisan divisions and pessimism.

I want to learn how great spiritual teachers have used powerful communication techniques to bring about meaningful change.


I want to feel more connected with Spirit in all areas of my life.

I want to know how to create an environment for meaningful connection and intimacy to take place.


I want to put forgiveness first, not last, in my relationships.

I want a romantic partnership that works.

I want a better rapport with my family.




Spiritual Practices
at Mile Hi

Meditation, Yoga,
Tai Chi/QiGong, Labyrinth

Every Monday – Thursday 

Inner, Social, Spiritual, Relationships

2022 Initiative
Health & Wellbeing

Check back in January when we provide more details for the 2022 initiative.


Prayer Request

Thank you for submitting a prayer request.

We have forwarded your prayer request to one of our Practitioner Prayer Partners who will be praying on your request for the next seven days. 

Please know you are wrapped in the arms of the Divine now and forever more.