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Intuition Is Often Called the GPS of Our Soul

Intuition Is Often Called the GPS of Our Soul

Have you ever felt a twinge in your gut when someone approached, and you immediately knew to avoid them?

Has someone called you just minutes after a memory of them flashed through your mind?

A friend of mine was lost in the mountains for hours when she finally surrendered and got quiet. Then she heard a voice say, “Stand up and walk in one direction.” She did and found her family.

These are all examples of intuition operating. But where does it come from, and how can we access more of its guidance?

Intuition is often called the GPS of our soul. I chose to write and teach about it because I know there are practices that can help us open the door to our own intuitive power. Achieving an intimate relationship with intuition is a pathway to making choices more aligned with our higher self and the energy of Spirit.

Our founder, Ernest Holmes, said,

“That which is outside can become known to the individual through intuition because the perception and the perceiver must be in one and the same Mind.
The Science of Mind, p.76.2

That explains it! We are all part of the Creator and all of creation and have access to all that means. Intuition is a doorway between God and me, ultimate intelligence and me, my higher self and me, and the truth of my heart and me.

The first step through the door is believing that we are emanations of Spirit. Once we do, we can explore the practices that connect with our higher knowing. These practices include prayer, meditation, silence, journaling, visualization, body scans, and listening.

Cultivating your intuition becomes an exploration of the wisdom of your body, the truth of your heart, and the voice of your soul.

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