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Christmas Magic

Christmas isn’t only a holiday at the end of the year. It is a vision of a greater world—dignity, inclusion, and peace for all. This vision, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus, calls to us through the magic of the season.

What is the call? To be the Christmas you want to see in the world!

The magic of the story of Christ and many of what the Christmas tales tell us, is real. It’s about opening our hearts. It’s about releasing grievances for song, despair for peace, sternness for laughter, and doubt for faith. When the magic of Christmas enters our hearts, we get to share its inspiration everywhere we go.

This year, our candlelight services will be a beacon for Christmas Magic that warms the soul, brings a smile, and reminds us of the light within. And to celebrate it! Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Shine with us, and together, we’ll make Christmas Magic.

Rejoice in the music of the holidays presented by our incredible musical artists. Featuring Acoustic Eidolon, Sheryl Renee, Gianna Neathammer, Bradley Hall, Jennifer Burnett, Barry Ebert, Thom Lich, the Mile Hi Choir directed by Rebecca Stoutamire, and the Mile Hi Band with Kent Rautenstraus, Rob Lowe, Mike Marlier, and Bijoux Barbosa.

Service Times

Sat., Dec. 23,
1, 4*, & 7 p.m. MST
In-Person, Teel Sanctuary

7 p.m. Livestream

Sun., Dec. 24,
1*, 4, & 7 p.m. MST
In-Person, Teel Sanctuary

 7 p.m. Livestream

*American Sign Language interpretation is available.

Childcare for ages 5 and under is available at all services.



Michelle Medrano
Lead Minister


Josh Reeves
Lead Minister

Dr. Roger Teel

Roger Teel
Minister Emeritus


Patty Luckenbach
Associate Minister


Barry Ebert
Minister Emeritus, Soloist


Carol Wilke
Associate Minister


Jackie Harris
Assistant Minister


Zemirah Jazwierska
Assistant Minister



Acoustic Eidolon


Sheryl Renee

Musician - Gianna Neathammer

Gianna Neathammer


Bradley Hall

Musician - Thom Lich

Thom Lich


Jennifer Burnett


Mile Hi Choir


Livestream at 7 p.m.
Watch the service below.

Christmas Candlelight Services 2023

Candle Meanings and Affirmations

Christmas Candles

Each colored candle we light during our service has a unique meaning. Hover over each candle to read the affirmations.

Christ Candle

Symbolizes the light and glory of the Christ within.

Red Candle:

The life of the Divine is birthed for and as me, now.

Orange Candle:

Divine guidance enters my heart, ever available along life's journey.

Yellow Candle:

I am illumined by the wonder of Christmas, and I shine my light brightly.

Green Candle:

I embrace a spirit of giving as my generosity shines Christmas light.

Blue Candle:

Faith rises in me now and calls me to my greater yet-to-be.

Indigo Candle:

I live and speak from a loving truth always ushering forth a greater peace.

Violet Candle:

The peace of Christmas is alive in me on this Holy Night, always.



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Other Holiday Services

Enjoy our Family Christmas and Winter Solstice Services.


Prayer & Care

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