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Automatic Giving


First time? Text 45888 and include ‘milehi’ with your donation amount. (e.g. milehi $20) Initial donation will require an account setup and the option to set up recurring giving.

Current giver? Text 45888 and ‘milehi edit.’ You will receive a link to edit your account and the option to set up recurring giving.

Bill Pay Through Your Bank

Skip all the service fees and set up Mile Hi Church through your bank’s automatic bill pay. Have a check sent regularly to Mile Hi Church.

Thank YOu

As a show of our gratitude, we are offering a free gift after you set up automatic giving—an audio version of Rev. Josh’s book, Loose Change. Fill out the form and you’ll receive a special link to listen to or download the book.

Why We Give

Lead ministers, Michelle Medrano and Josh Reeves share the three pathways to giving at Mile Hi Church—our general fund, special projects, and the Mile Hi Church Foundation.

There is great joy in supporting what we love with our time, talent, and dollars. It is one of the most basic instincts to be generous.

As we give, we know we are living out this aspect of who we are and it affirms we live in an abundant Universe; there is more than enough good flowing into our lives that we choose to share.

Ways To Give


Give a one-time or recurring donation through our giving platform, Kindred.

Text to Give

Text 45888 and include 'milehi' with your donation amount. (e.g. milehi $20)
Initial donation will require an account setup.

Write a Check

Mile Hi Church
9077 W. Alameda Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226

Pathways of Giving

General Fund

Daily operations and maintenance of all areas of Mile Hi Church including our programs and staffing.

Special Projects

Various projects throughout the year such as lighting and audio upgrades in the Teel Sanctuary, replacing the concrete walkway to our youth building, campus signs and repairs.

Mile Hi Church Foundation

By including the Mile Hi Church Foundation in your estate plans, you can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come in support of our beloved church.

Camera Equipment
Monies Desired: $22,120
Left To Collect: $22,120

Special Projects

Camera Equipment

We envision a camera upgrade that would improve the Sunday service experience for in-person attendees. The camera would be moved from the center of the Teel Sanctuary to the back of the room in order to enhance the sight lines. We invite you to join us in prayer for the manifestation of these items. 

Wish List:

  • Panasonic AJ-PX380 Camcorder $6,230
  • Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM-M6 Lens $12,500
  • Sachtler Tripod and Fluid Head $2,738
  • Sachtler Pan Handles (x2) $200
  • FeelWorld LUT7S 7″ monitor and magic arm mounting hardware $450 

Total $22,120

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Share your 2022-2023 financial giving intention with Mile Hi Church.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Spiritual teacher, Eric Butterworth, reminds us the best way to get is to give. This is not the reason, of course, to give; it’s a natural byproduct. The law of circulation is a principle in the universe that responds when we give of our money, time, and talent. Not only is giving itself a gift, but it helps us to remove a sense of lack or scarcity. Whenever we give from the spirit of giving, we believe it will come back to us tenfold. It’s not necessarily about what we give but the spirit of generosity we give from that defines the phrase, “you get what you give.”

Yes! The best way is to add Mile Hi Church to your bank account’s bill pay. Or set it up through Kindred, our text to give platform.

For other automatic giving options or help setting up a recurring contribution, contact Jackie Harris at jharris@milehichurch.org or call 720-974-2226. 

On Campus:

  • Give when the donation baskets are circulated during our Sunday service.
  • Our credit card machines at Guest Services in the sanctuary lobby are set up to accept Apple and Google Pay. 


Your broker will need the following information:
Mile Hi Church of Religious Science
Schwab Account #6289-2157
MHC Tax ID# 84-0521211
DTC # 0164

For questions, contact Carma Lytle at clytle@milehichurch.org.

To create a lasting legacy in support of the church, contact Mark Pino at mpino@milehichurch.org or 720-974-2239. Visit the Mile Hi Church Foundation here.


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for Adventure in Faith Sunday Series

Connect with our community, focus on the positive, and have meaningful dialogue in a supportive environment.
Small groups are led by licensed practitioners and are limited to ten people per group.

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Prayer Request

Thank you for submitting a prayer request.

We have forwarded your prayer request to one of our Practitioner Prayer Partners who will be praying on your request for the next seven days. 

Please know you are wrapped in the arms of the Divine now and forever more.