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Inspirational Sunday services livestreamed every Sunday at 10 a.m.

Rather listen than watch? Check out our podcast.

Missed a service? Watch a past Sunday, Wednesday, Healing Light, or holiday service. 


8 & 10 a.m. In-Person
10 a.m. Livestream

American Sign Language Interpretation is available in-person at our 10 a.m. service.


Sun., Aug. 14

Two-Week Sunday Series
The Great How-Tos

with Michelle Medrano

How To Make the Most Difference

At the end of life, many struggle with feelings that they did not matter or make a difference in their lives or to others. Discover the profound how-tos that wise beings have discovered to help make a difference in life.

Music: Featuring guest artist, Laura Berman, and the Mile Hi Band

Two-Week Sunday Series
Real Health and Authentic Well-Being
Embracing Anxiety

A healthy mind is not a superstitious mind. To resist our own fears, insecurities, and anxiety can, as the old saying goes, make them persist. A healthy mind and an authentic heart can see anxiety for what it is and release the fears we have around it. Embracing anxiety can change how we experience it and could even unearth precious hidden aspects of ourselves that are ready to come to light and create a greater good in our lives.
with Josh Reeves
Music: Featuring guest artist, Jesse Powers, and the Mile Hi Band
Sun., Aug. 21
Two-Week Sunday Series
Real Health and Authentic Well-Being
Struggle Up

We can have some misconceptions about what it means to struggle especially the idea when one struggles, it means there is something wrong. Could struggle also mean there is something good taking place? Could it be a sign of growth, a symbol of commitment, or an alarm reminding you that you are right where you should be? If we can stop struggling down and learn to struggle up, we can rise to new levels of richer living and contentment.
with Josh Reeves
Music: Featuring Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band
Sun., Aug. 28


A minister meditation, a practitioner prayer, and time for meditation.

7 p.m. on Youtube and facebook


Paused through the end of 2022.


The Second Sunday of every month
5 p.m. in-person only

Sun., Aug. 14
5 p.m., Vogt Auditorium
(This service will not be livestreamed.)

A unique hour of meditation, guided imagery, and music that is gentle and spiritually energizing.


Prayer Request

Thank you for submitting a prayer request.

We have forwarded your prayer request to one of our Practitioner Prayer Partners who will be praying on your request for the next seven days. 

Please know you are wrapped in the arms of the Divine now and forever more.