Spring Renewal

Dive into the exciting energy of the Season of Spring Renewal: Hope for Every Heart!

The Season of Spring Renewal begins with Dr. Roger's inspirational talk honoring our humanness and concludes with an inspiring Easter Sunday service. Lots of activities are in store, such as our Good Friday service, Lilies for Lunches, and fun family activities like the Easter egg hunt!

Bring your family and friends to join us as we celebrate Hope for Every Heart!

Join the Mile Hi Online Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter eggs are scattered throughout the website, and even on some of our social media sites too. Can you find them all? Be one of the first ten people to find all ten eggs, email us where you found them to info@milehichurch.org and you could win a prize from our Works of Heart store.

Here’s a hint, one of the eggs is the one to the left!