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  • "It's the people, the energy of staying in that thought pattern.
    Mile Hi Church is that spiritual well-spring that replenishes me.

    Rance Poole
  • "Ever since I started coming here, the messages fill my body. I get so much out of this church.
    I tell everyone about this church. This church is for anybody and everybody that loves God. There are so many opportunities to grow. I feel blessed.

    Tammy Paige
  • "Mile Hi Church is the most important thing in my life – my friends and my family.
    The teaching, the growing … it keeps me going on and on. It’s awesome.

    Wick Hampton
  • "Mile Hi Church has been and continues to be a beacon of light. It is a phenomenal reservoir of Universal Truth. It’s a community where I can always come back to center and experience unconditional love."

    Peter Wolf
  • "The real difference for me is knowing that I am co-creating with Spirit. When you know you are being guided, life feels more secure. It’s OK to take bigger risks because you know that you cannot fail."

    Kumar Dandavati
  • "Every time we give money away, it comes back to us unexpectedly.
    We see it over and over. It’s exciting and fun!

    Lon and Sandi Norris