A world in which children freely express their inherent Divinity and Inner Truth.


Lighting the way for every child's discovery of their infinite possibilities, we connect families in spiritual community. We live and teach Oneness in God, unity with one another, and loving service to all.

Gender Inclusivity 

Mile Hi Church is inclusive, embraces diversity, and commits to equitable treatment of all staff and youth. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Gender Inclusion Policy

Birth - Fifth Grade contact:
Salwa Flewell, sflewell@milehichurch.org

Middle and High School contact:
Michelle Scavetta, mscavetta@milehichurch.org


Youth & Family

Birth-Fifth Grade Middle & High School Licensed Preschool


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Dear Mile Hi Church Families,

We know that love, light, and the power of Spirit surround us all the time, wherever we are, and we have incredible ways to keep our children, their caregivers, and our entire youth community informed, uplifted, and empowered.

This is a transformational time, and as such we have transformed our digital media and created easily accessed, youth-based spiritual resources for you and your family. Check out our Facebook page and YouTube videos for suggested activities, songs, prayers, and general good vibes. We have Zoom meetings available to keep our kids connected (Youth Church, Middle School, and High School). This web page will soon feature spiritual lessons for kids in both written and video formats. Stay tuned!

Thank you for all you do for your family and being along for the ride as we create a wonderful spiritual experience for our kids.

Stacy Butters
Youth and Family Director



Youth Church Online
Watch our weekly Sunday youth lesson. Perfect for families with elementary-age kids.


The Oyster and the Pearl

Shine Your Light!

Mission: Possible!

Futuristic Fun



Messages From Water

Stone Soup


Nature as a Spiritual Practice

Hands Have Power


The Lotus

Lessons From Geese

Drums, Beads, and Cool Ways to Pray

Star Wars Spirituality and How to Become a Jedi

Butterflies and Transformation

Growing Your Garden



Youth and Family Programs
Here at Mile Hi Church we value and embrace the younger members of our community. We know that connected to Spirit, our youth will manifest joyful, purposeful lives to support the greater good in all. We are here to serve as a spiritual beacon to light their path, and in doing so we have created programs to support their journey into adulthood.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • A licensed Preschool
  • Curriculum based on Mile Hi Church teachings
  • Children and Youth choirs
  • Monthly activities
  • Tween and Teen overnights
  • Rites of Passage Programs for boys and girls
  • Summer camps
  • Latte cart
  • Community service opportunities — local and global
  • The Center of Love, a Prayer and Care Center for children


We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where our children can grow with Spirit. All staff and volunteers must pass a national background screening process and only screened individuals work with children in any capacity. Classrooms are staffed with at least two adults at all times. 


Youth & Family Calendar

A quarterly calendar of Youth & Family Ministry events. Download and print it out today and put it on your refrigerator.

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Teen Underground Flyer
Download this flyer for some general information about our Teen Ministry.

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Youth & Family Booklet
Download this booklet for some general information about our Youth & Family Ministry.

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Featuring Trunk or Treat

All ages are welcome! Bring your friends and family and enjoy the fun festivities with our community!

Fall of 2020